If you’d like to know what past students think, here are some comments and feedback we have had from artists who have been on our creative arts holidays, courses and workshops.

“Previously my work was just at a standstill… then Brian sprinkled some of his ‘magic dust’ over me, and suddenly it came on in leaps and bounds!”
Ms P. Longnaker of New York, USA

“The week with you seems like a dream in this gloomy London November, with only the paintings to prove it happened. Thank you again for a wonderful and fruitful time!”
Mrs K. B. of London

“I enjoyed being stretched on a subject, and there was structure and planning behind the course. It was varied and flexible, covering a wide range of media and subjects…”

Mr D. S. of Beverley

“The individual, clear and patient tuition was excellent. The tutor took time to explain how to achieve an objective, his caring and understanding approach made me relax and I learned a lot.”

Mrs J. Runeson of Lund, Sweden

“The workshops were very constructive and helped us greatly…it was a new challenge in a relaxed atmosphere, learning at leisure and at our own pace. It was so lovely to work outside, with beautiful views and lovely weather, meeting new people and learning from each other.”
Ms C. L. of Bristol

Student testimonials about our tuition and gallery of work


Click here to view a gallery of our students’ work.

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